EIMiQ is an advanced AI engine designed to optimize enterprise portfolios and initiatives.  It provides meaningful intelligence as part of a performance improvement framework throughout the various life-cycles. EIMiQ features the following:

It is profile-intelligent: it knows the individual contributor strengths and weakness and strives to augment each enabler with success.

It is situation-aware: It provides situational awareness of the entire program life-cycle across software and business initiatives in the enterprise portfolio down to the individual project contributor

It is an organization eco-system success minder: it knows the metrics and how to translates them into enablers for people, process and tools.

How it works…

After a one-time setup, EIMiQ focuses on “Me” capabilities along with “Us” as part of the organization portfolio details.  Using best practices templates including project templates, enterprise KPIs, heterogeneous data assets along with supporting algorithms, the AI engine makes proactive recommendations and alerts across the lifecycle to ensure success of the individual contributor in enterprise projects, programs and portfolio across varied enterprise functions forming a proactive Intelligent Center of Excellence (CoE):

It organizes me around my high payoff priorities

It alerts me on mission-critical trajectory and likely output for proactive analysis

It keeps me on track for success in my role

Auto-pilot: it makes decisions for me while I am out based on my preferences

my success in the role matrix = enterprise portfolio success

EIMiQ — big enabler in the vast landscape of business and technology initiatives

Smarter Decisions, Powered by EIMiQ

EIMiQ is a Cloud service with anywhere access from remote devices.  Our data science framework and platform optimize the Enterprise ecosystem and data governance; according to a Deloitte’s recent survey in 2018, 45% of companies spend a mean of 3% of their revenues on technology..  Similarly, the Data Governance Market (by Application Incident Management, Process Management, Compliance Management, Risk Management),  the market size is expected to grow from USD 1.31 Billion in 2018 to USD 3.53 Billion by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.0% during the forecast period. (Published by MarketsandMarkets™)



Use EIMiQ engine to solve the right problems during the project lifecycle and make insights actionable while amplifying results and throughput

Leverage data science effectively across every department while reducing costs and overhead for business and IT.   EIMiQ platform makes it easy with open source data science tools, customizable workflows, and elastic infrastructure.

the product release is in incubation and launch date TBD

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Important Enterprise Data Domains that Interplay with EIMiQ:




MDM: Single Source of Truth & Data Mastering


Machine Learning and AI


Data Modelling


Data Lakes and Architecture


Metadata and Data Taxonomy


Data Stewardship

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